Vehicle Specifications

Cargo Vans handle up to 3 1/2 skids, 3500 pounds
Box Cube handles up to 6 skids, 4000 pounds
Straight trucks handle up to 12 skids, 14000 pounds

Local Cartage

Local pickups and deliveries less than 200 miles are based on pieces and weight

Long Distance Deliveries

Vehicles Charges Per Mile
Vans $1.30
Cubes $1.70
Straight Trucks $2.05


Additional Charges

We will always notify you when such charges are incurred.

Waiting Time

First 1/2 hour is free, thereafter waiting charges incur at $20 per hour for cargo vans, $30 per hour for cubes and straight trucks.

Inside Deliveries

All inside deliveries and pickups will be charged $10. When labor occurs, you will be charged at $45 per hour. NO free time on labor.